3D presentations

Permanent presentations

From year to year we are present at the following events:

            • Lelkes Mineral Market (Budapest, Sopron, Győr)
              • Lurdy Ház
              • MOM Sport
              • Details on our Facebook page!
            • Miskolc Mineral Market
            • Pécs Mineral Market
            • Unexplored Roads Festival (Járatlan Utakon Fesztivál)

Previous presentations

    • Felfedezők napja
    • Unexplored Roads Festival (Járatlan Utakon Fesztivál)
    • Természetjáró Fesztivál
    • Művészetek völgye

Earth Day events, World Water Day events, School project days, Culture House programmes, Educational lectures

Our presentations abroad

USA: Kerville, Texas (World Congress of Speleology)

Austria: Vienna Naturhistorisches Museum Salzburg (House of Nature); Ebensee (Eurospeleo Forum); Mariazell (Austrian cave days)

France: Chambéry (World Congress of Speleology)

Germany: Nesselwang (German cave days); Saalfeld (Feengrotten Visitor Centre)

Sweden: Stockholm (House of Hungary); Gotland (Eurospeleo Forum)

Czechia: Brno (World Congress of Speleology); Praha (Cave Research Centre)

Poland: Katowice (Silesian University)

Slovakia: Rožňava (World Heritage anniversary)

Romania: Cluj-Napoca (Babes-Bolyai University)

Of the more than 4,000 caves in Hungary, only a few are open to the public. But even in these caves, the most beautiful and valuable parts are closed to the public for their protection. Most of our caves are also physically unsuitable for display, with narrow, watery passages and depths of hundreds of metres leading to the most beautiful parts. Our photos use special lighting techniques to reveal the realms of eternal darkness.

By ordering our travelling shows, we deliver a spectacular 3D cinema with professional technology to any location at an individually agreed time. We offer our presentations for all ages, from school children to adults, for educational institutions, cultural centres and events. We can tailor the theme of our presentations to suit the venue, the age of the target audience and other specific needs.

Why should you watch our shows?

  • Because we present hidden natural treasures from Hungary, the Carpathian Basin, and remote parts of the world that many people cannot even imagine it exists.
  • Because in our experiential performances, the audience can feel part of a world they would otherwise have very little chance to enter.
  • Because we bring professional 3D cinema to your home, with stunning visuals that meet today's expectations and provide a compelling visual experience for all ages.
  • Because our presentations offer a meaningful programme for the organisation of special school lessons, thematic days (e.g. Earth Day, World Water Day, etc.).
  • Because we'll show you the natural assets hiding beneath the surface that for it's protection we can often do our best on the surface.
  • Because the exciting subject and the stunning visuals give a new perspective on the importance of learning science.

Technical needs

We will bring all the technical equipment needed for the presentations - special 3D projection screens, projectors, glasses - we cannot use local technical equipment. Our small mobile projection screen can accommodate an audience of 40-60 people, our large projection screen can accommodate an audience of 200-250 people. All you need is a room of suitable size at the venue, which can be completely darkened.